Basileia Writing

At Basileia Writing the mission is simple: to help others experience the life-changing truths of Scripture.

Our mission aligns with the individual needs of our clients.

Whether writing a creative opener for a church production, devotional works or exegetical studies, Basileia Writing is uniquely qualified to assist you.

Basileia, or Βασιλεια in the Septuagint, is the Greek word for “kingdom”; specifically, the kingdom of God. True understanding comes through a willingness to embrace truth, regardless of what it reveals in or about ourselves. It is not merely an accumulation of knowledge, but life experience. Of experiencing truth– His truth.

We’ve been helping behind the scenes on writing projects for over fifteen years, each project receiving the personalized attention to detail befitting a kingdom assignment.

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What I Offer

Book Writing

leadership books to devotionals and biblical curriculums

Sermon Writing

individual speeches to sermon series

Blog Writing

an original piece or a piece written in your own voice


How much does hiring Basileia Writing cost?

Projects are typically billed by the word count. We charge .35¢ per word.

How much does a book cost?

A standard 31-day devotional book is approximately 25k words and costs about $8,000.

How long does a project take?

A project’s schedule varies depending on length. A shorter, spoken-word type piece can be completed in about a week, whereas a full book requires a few months to a year, once again depending on its length.

Do you offer services besides writing?

We are happy to offer collaborative services through a variety of expert subcontractors.

Do you ghostwrite?

Due to the fast pace and demands of life in ministry many of our clients hire us in a similar capacity as a ghostwriter. We take their message and vision and sculpt it into an accessible format. Our goal is always to advance the gospel and help the global church succeed. And as a ghostwriter, we will ensure that your unique voice and approach is maintained throughout.

If ghostwriting, who is credited as author?

Our mission is to advance the kingdom and we understand that there is an established connection between a pastor and his or her congregation that allows a reader to be more receptive to the message. Whatever pastor or ministry we represent is credited as “author,” and typically we are credited as “contributing editor.”

Do you write sermons or speeches?

Yes, we write sermons, speeches, blogs, and podcasts. From creative to academic, we will curate a dynamic message specific to your audience’s needs.
βασιλεία | bas-il-i’-ah | feminine noun;
rule or realm (literally or figuratively): kingdom, + reign.