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When I’m not writing, however, you’ll find me with my husband and three kids. We’re an unconventional family, and I’m thankful for that every day.

Heather Preston

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I’ve always been inquisitive. Never satisfied with a “cut and dry” answer—even as a child, I had to question, to go deeper. The trouble is that by the time I was a teenager I found myself drowning in the raging storms of life. On my own, the questions had brought me to an isolated and dark place. God offered a life raft, but of course I initially was suspicious. I sought desperately for a flaw in His promises… what I found instead of flaw, was a God who was pursuing me. Speaking to me through His Word.

The Bible is a book of endless layers and that is why it fascinates me. That’s also what makes it challenging to read. It’s a complicated and ancient text—often difficult to grasp what the ancient writer intended to communicate, or to understand why God wanted that particular story recorded in Scripture. But where most are discouraged by these questions, they motivate me!

I write so that others can hear His voice. Whether consulting for local churches and pastors, or working on academic collaborations, my goal in writing is the same. I host the podcast Scripts on Scripture to delve into some of the theological question I’m most frequently asked by followers. It’s my passion.

Examples of my academic work include “The Kandake: A Missing History,” which explores the Queen Candace of Acts chapter 8 and the evidence supporting an established 1st C church in Ethiopia. This article enlisted the wisdom of scholars from the UK to the Sudan.


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